The fictions that don’t always serve us

We operate along gradations of I like it / I don’t like it, seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. This impacts our mood and our interactions and forms our personalities. Our mind is always quick to judge ourselves and others and this influences our behaviour and our sense of being. This can happen right this moment we can either be in some kind of neutral state, or somewhere along the I like it / I don’t like it continuum. Wherever we are there is an element of story telling,  we create past, present and future narratives in our minds and most of the time it is fiction. We are the protagonist of our own continuous unfolding monologue, often about the self. We are often wanting something else, not being satisfied with what is, expecting something more from others and being disappointed when our expectations are not met. How can we can let go of this often defensive attachment to self during our day to day life? This is no easy task and takes commitment and time to tune into what is going on in our mind and our bodies, observing, noticing, reflecting, letting go. An ongoing regular meditation practice as part of yoga is a powerful technique and tool to observe, notice, reflect and let go. We must be mindful not to judge ourselves too harshly, to actually be kind and encouraging as we cultivate a more balanced way to be. It is a continuous ebb and flow as we let go of the narrow world of our likes and dislikes and thereby slowly loosen the grip on our own self importance. Let go of the constant ‘I’ narrative and relax into simply being, accepting what is without unduly reacting.

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