Get out of your comfort zone

What do you need to do to change your life, so that you can realise the potential for your own personal success? Whether it’s your career, your family, your relationships, or specific traits within yourself that you wish to change, this workshop is explicitly designed to get you out of your comfort zone, into a space of growth and change.

In a one to one in person session, we will explore your comfort zone and boundaries, seeking to understand why you stay in your comfort zone and what gets in the way of moving beyond this.  Using a variety of tools and techniques including yoga, meditation and journaling, this workshop will help you to achieve the mindset and action plan required to make changes in your life to be the best version of who you are on a daily basis.

You will leave the workshop with a defined action plan and techniques to help you move forward to achieve at least one of your goals.

The workshop costs 130 euros. This includes 2.5 hours of one to one workshop contact and a 30 minute zoom follow up session to monitor your progress. This takes place within 3 months following the workshop.

If you are you looking to get more out of your life, then this is for you. Get out of your comfort zone with intention, purpose and a motivation to make things happen.

The workshop is in a safe well ventilated environment, refreshments and snacks provided. The sessions are organised at a date and time that works for you.

All sessions are carried out in the strictest confidence.

Book now: or WhatsApp 0623598162

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