Private Classes

Satty Yoga specialises in private classes for individuals and couples, tailored to your needs and goals. Lessons take place in a well ventilated environment with space to move, breathe, relax and unwind.

People sign up for private classes for different reasons. For some people it is about focusing on flexibility and strength in the body, for others it is more about coming to a place of stillness in the mind. In recent years yoga has proven to be invaluable in helping those with burn out or bore out, conditions that require a serious programme of mind, body and brain reset work.

Ultimately yoga is a about transformation, learning how to live and breathe from a place of balance and harmony.

Group classes are also offered, these are available via zoom:

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What kind of yoga is it?

Satty Yoga is an integrated yoga and mindfulness practice.  A process of moving into balance and harmony through yoga movements and postures that reveals the creativity of the body and the expansiveness of the mind.

The foundation of my yoga training is Ashtanga (power yoga), Hatha yoga, and mindfulness meditation training. The classes vary from dynamic movement to a more slow flow practice. The breathing techniques you learn and incorporate into your life are a fundamental aspect of every yoga class.

Mindfulness has always been a part of yoga, it is an active process with many aspects to it. The most common aspect is knowing what we are experiencing whilst we are experiencing it. Being able to drop into present moment awareness in the mind and the body without judging or story telling.

Through yoga and mindfulness you learn to release tension, tension that you may have held in the body for many years, and that also gets released in the mind. In time you start to feel more freedom and coherence throughout the entire mind body system. The whole purpose of yoga is to take what you learn on the yoga mat into your day to day life, so that the harmony and balance continues and becomes your natural state.

You do not need to be flexible to try yoga, the greatest flexibility required is from the mind. You work with the body’s natural intuition, softly listening, moving with the ebb and flow of the breath, towards greater mental and physical well being. Satty Yoga facilitates the process of transformation, YOU make it happen.

Smile from within 🙂