The only journey is the one within

You can travel from A to B like I have recently, moving from my home in England to a new home in Holland, but it is the journey within that is most important. And it is not always easy. The mind states we carry come with us on our travels.

The path of yoga and mindfulness helps open the door within, to explore who you really are and your meaning in this world. That journey is a continuum unfurling moment by moment and it is not always a straight or smooth path.

How we navigate that course in response to what happens day to day, determines the quality of that journey.  We can be thrown off kilter or we can be in balance, even if the road ahead is uncertain. There are times when we come to a split in the road,  we can sense the potential for change, but fear can get in the way of taking the road less travelled. If we feel grounded even in the face of uncertainty we can  elect to choose a different path and face the challenges ahead.

In order to cultivate groundedness and balance we need to be aware of our actions, our thoughts, our words. After all, what we do, think and say, is the measure of who we are day to day. Whilst the journey is not always bright or smooth we learn from the moments of darkness and the pitfalls. It is often the less well trodden path that enables this learning and growth.

Through self analysis and reflection, tuning in and soft listening to the body and the mind in various contexts and situations, we start to befriend the self and cultivate mental balance.

When we radiate equanimity it touches those around us. Our well being is fundamentally interconnected with the well being of others. So the journey within is reflected back to us and we know if we are on the right path because we feel the smile within, even if the path is difficult.

In time we cultivate more wholesome habits, more skilfull responses. The journey keeps unfolding and we continue, with purpose and a smile.

To quote Jon Kabat Zinn, “Wherever you go, there you are.”